Patrice Sarath’s “The Unexpected Miss Bennett” to be Published

Congratulations to Patrice Sarath! Her sequel to Pride and Prejudice, entitled The Unexpected Miss Bennet, is to be published by Robert Hale Ltd.  Patrice says, ” If you ever felt that Mary Bennet never got a fair shake, well, this book is for you.”

A brief extract from the book:

It is a comforting belief among much of society, that a plain girl with a small fortune must have no more interest in matrimony than matrimony has in her. Mrs Bennet was not a particularly doting mother, but she did have one object, and that was to see all of her daughters married. She was the most often bemused by Mary, her third daughter of five, and the one with the fewest prospects.

It was not that Mary was plain, exactly, for she was a Bennet, and the Bennet girls were known as the prettiest in their small neighborhood. But she said the most alarming things and was full of dire pronouncements on the base leanings of men, of which men were not eager to hear, and though she applied herself diligently to the piano and singing, she was not as accomplished as many another girl who approached the task with rather more gaiety than determination.

K.D. Grace Published in Xcite Anthology

Congratulations to K.D. Grace on the publication of her story Confessions! It appears in the Xcite erotica anthology The Strap-On, available as an e-book here,  and for the Kindle on and For more more information, and for a little teaser to tickle your fancy, visit Ms. Grace’s website.

And if you’re not sated yet, another of Ms. Grace’s stories, Seeing Red, is available free and in full at Oysters and Chocolate.

Aliette de Bodard Nominated for BSFA Best Short Fiction

Congratulations to Aliette de Bodard! Her story The Shipmaker, published in Interzone #227, has been selected for the BSFA Best Short Fiction shortlist.  The story is available for download here (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

The other stories on the shortlist  are also avaible for download:

Flying in the Face of God by Nina Allan

Arrhythmia by  Neil Williamson

The Things by Peter Watts