The Vikings are Coming!

Julia Knight’s next novel “A Kindness of Ravens” will be available on the 2nd January 2012 from Carina Press.

Eight years ago, Einar and Wilda witnessed a murder and saved each other from being the next victim.

Today, they have to do it again.

Norseman Einar lives under the threat of the murderer’s rune-cut curse—if he should speak of it his family will die, and so he lives his life as a silent outcast. Until the Saxon girl Wilda comes back into his life, his brother’s new thrall and one who is bound to recognise, and reveal, the murderer. Unable to tell her why she shouldn’t speak of it, Einar has to try to get her away but is bewitched by the fact that Wilda still thinks him the brave youth he’d once been. For Wilda, Einar is a quiet presence she craves, the only man she can trust in a violent new world.

Between them they have to gather the courage to face the murderer head on.”

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