Martin Owton in BFS 40th Anniversary Anthology

Congratulations to Martin Owton, who has a story include in the British Fantasy Society’s 40th anniversary anthology.

The anthology is edited by BFS Chair, and MD of Telos Publishing, David J Howe, and contains forty tales covering a wide variety of subjects from full blown psychological horror, to whimsical fantasy, urban vampires, to epic poetry, comedy to homage. “It’s a wonderful testament to the BFS’ members and friends that we have managed to assemble such a strong and diverse selection of writing,” commented Howe. “It’s been a pleasure to read through all the many submissions, and choosing which forty to include has been painful and difficult as the quality is so high. I hope that the final book will contain something for everyone.”

Full Fathom Forty will be available at FantasyCon this year, and copies will be provided to all current BFS members as part of their annual subscription. If you are attending FantasyCon seek out the BFS table and someone should your copy. Anyone not attending will have their book sent to them with the next mailing of the BFS Journal.

Copies will be available to buy from the BFS, and ordering details will be available closer to publication.

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