Sara-Jayne Townsend’s “Soul Screams”

An anthology of Sara-Jayne Townsend‘s short stories, Soul Screams, will be published by Stumar Press in early 2012.  The book will appear as an ebook and POD.  This new e-publishing company has been launched by Stuart Hughes and Mark West. Anyone who was submitting short stories to the small press in the 1990s, might remember that Stuart Hughes was editor of Peeping Tom magazine. Stumar Press is specializing in horror and dark fantasy, novels and anthologies.

Sara-Jayne says, “I am pleased to be able to announce that my next publishing project is in the pipeline. The collection will contain previously published short stories, as well as some unpublished ones.  They are all horror-themed, but much of my earlier work dealt with psychological horror rather than supernatural horror, and characters in very dark places.  It’s not going to be an uplifting read, put it that way.  Unlike my novels, my short stories rarely end happily. I am very excited about working on it.”


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