Solaris Acquire Babylon Steel Sequel

Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has acquired Hunter’s Moon by Gaie Sebold, a sequel to Babylon Steel – the opening volume of a fast-moving fantasy series which is published in January 2012, and which bestselling author Mike Carey has characterised as: “Ingenious, gripping and full of pleasures on every level.  Exceptional”.

The agent was John Jarrold, and the deal was for UK/US rights.  Solaris provisionally plan to publish early in 2013.

Babylon Steel runs the best brothel in Scalentine; a city with gateways to many worlds and a widely varied and occasionally violent populace.  Babylon has also become, somewhat against her will, bodyguard to the controversial new member of the ruling council in the nearby country of Incandress.  Not to mention ‘unofficial Scalentine envoy’ or, to put it more bluntly, ‘spy’.  And while she is trying to protect her charge, avoid clashing with Incandress’s rigid morality laws, and stop the whole country plunging into race massacre and civil war, someone back on Scalentine is killing weres.  The city militia can’t, or won’t, catch them.  And when your lover is the Chief of the city militia, who also happens to be a were, this is more than a little worrying…

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