Carole Tyrrell in Supernatural Tales

Carole Tyrrell’s story “The Rustling of Tiny Paws” will appear in Supernatural Tales #22. Congratulations Carole!

The editor, David Longhorn, is not giving too much away about the stories in this issue, but he does provide this intriguing tally:

Haunted Houses – 3
Young women in foggy graveyards – 1
Hard-boiled private eyes – 1
Gypsy flower sellers – 1
Badgers – 1
Vampires (non-sparkly variety) – 2
References to the song ‘American Pie’ – 1
References to the cartoon character Porky Pig – 1

T. D. Edge Wins Arc Short Fiction Competition

Congratulations to Terry! His story Big Dave’s In Love, won the Arc short fiction competition.  The Arc quarterly magazine/ezine is “a new digital quarterly from the makers of New Scientist, exploring the future through the world of science fiction and intriguing, thought-provoking ideas”.

At the Arc blog, Arcfinity, they say:

“Big Dave’s In Love is a profound and very funny homage to Carlo Collodi’s wooden child Pinocchio, set in a hyper-animated, hyper-aware world.

It is a story about how intelligence emerges out of emotion. It is about pleasure, and trust. It is also, by some margin, one of more perfectly structured stories we’ve read this year.

You can read an extract of the story at Arcfinity, or get it in full in Arc 1.2.


Writers of the Future Follow Up

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, William Mitchell won first place in the Writers of the Future competition for the third quarter of 2011. He has written about his experience here.

The video of the award ceremony keynote speaker, Dr. J. Storrs Hall, can be found here. Will says there’s “pretty fascinating stuff in here for anyone considering near-future SF”.

You can see Will making his acceptance speech and talking about his winning story, Contact Authority, here. (The T Party gets a mention too, hoorah!)

There is a trailer for Writers of the Future Volume #28 which contains Will’s story here, and finally you can hear Contact Authority being read in a podcast from Starship Sofa.

Sit back and enjoy the future!