An abundance of cover art

Apparently this is the week for shiny new cover art. First up, the new cover for the re-release of Sara-Jayne Townsend’sDeath Scene‘, the first in the Shara Summers mystery series, coming in June courtesy of MuseItUp publishing:

ImageAnd the cover for Will Mitchell’s upcoming novel ‘Creations’, due out in August:



3 thoughts on “An abundance of cover art

  1. I really tried to find a way to contact you, but it seems that the “contact” tab doesn’t work as it should be. So I have to ask you here, and I am really sorry for any inconvenience I might provoke: how can I send you a scifi story and other info about my writing efforts? I’d like to attend to one of your meetings.

    Thank you in advance

    • Hello there! I’m very sorry the link isn’t working, I’ll fix it ASAP. In the meantime, I’ll post shortly with an alternative contact email for you to use.

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