A truck full of news

It’s been a busy few months for the T-Party.


“Jews vs Aliens” is due out on 19th March and features Rosanne Rabinowitz’s story “The Matter Of Meroz” – the book is available for pre-order on Amazon. The fabulous cover art can be seen above.

Will Mitchell was interviewed by Huffington Post – topics discussed include space travel, self-replicating machines and his SF novel “Creations”:

The book is set in the year 2040, with lunar colonization well underway, and companies vying to find ways of exploiting the moon’s minerals. One of those companies picks up where NASA’s real-world research left off, and sets its sights on self-replicating machines.

The question posed by Creations is this: what if it went wrong? What if this exponentially growing swarm of autonomous machines stopped doing what their human controllers wanted? What if evolution took over, the familiar process of natural selection, ensuring that those machines which are best at surviving and reproducing, not necessarily the ones most useful to us, go on to create the next generation? What would that mean for the human race?punkpunk

Gary Couzens’ short story “Noon in Krakow” has been published in Wordland 5, and “Spinning Fast” in punkPunk!, an anthology of stories inspired by punk. His short story collection “Out Stack and Other Places” is due out from Midnight Street Publications in the next couple of months. The table of contents is as follows:

Out Stack (first published in Midnight Street #1 in 2004, 6100 words)
Electricity (BFS Journal #11, 2014, 4800 words)
Splinters (Midnight Street #13, 2009, 3600 words)
The Missing Man (Crimewave #7, 2003, 7800 words)
Because (Wordland 4: Whited Sepulchres, 2014, 2700 words)
Noon in Kraków (Wordland 5: True Love, 2015, 2100 words)
After the Party (Journeys into Darkness, 2014, 2300 words)
Jubilee Summer (Subterfuge, 2008, 4200 words)
Daddy’s Girls (Midnight Street #6, 2006, 3600 words)
Beside the Sea (original to collection, 6300 words)
Cold (original to collection, 3700 words)
Meetings with Leo (Cafe Ole: Too Hot to Handle, 2005, 3000 words)
The Girl on the Station Platform (original to collection, 2300 words)
Essential Chemistry [by Martin Owton & Gary Couzens] (Midnight Street #14, 2010, 9500 words)
Dog’s Life (original to collection, 5000 words)
Treffpunkt (Moon Shots @ Spacewitch.com, 2014, 3100 words)
Spinning Fast (punkPunk!, 2015, 4100 words)
Mourning Becomes Me (original to collection, 35,400 words)

And Sara Townsend’s horror novel “Suffer The Children” is to be re-released by MuseItUp Publishing in 2016