T-Party Members at Fantasycon

At the upcoming Fantasycon 2016, T-party members Gary Couzens will be taking part in the Midnight Street (Friday) and Alchemy Press (Saturday) book launches, Laura Mauro will be part of the Great British Horror book launch on Saturday, Joanna Horrocks is a part of the Lost In Hollywood panel on screenwriting on Sunday, Rosanne Rabinowitz is on the panel of Out of the Woods as well as the launch of Alchemy Press and will be doing a reading (along with Jan Edwards) at 2 pm on Saturday, and Sara Townsend will be on the Paint it Black panel on Saturday. She will also be giving a reading at 3 pm on Saturday (with Priya Sharma). Finally, Richard Webb is moderating a panel titled This Used To Be the Future on Saturday, focusing on historic settings for SFF.