T Party Takeover Fantasycon

Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but we’re making a strong showing at Fantasycon in Brighton this year with many of our members giving readings. Here’s our schedule:


In Bar Rogue:
3:00 pm – Helen Callaghan will be reading from her multiverse SF adventure Sleepwalker.

3:30 pm  – Tom Pollock will be reading from his forthcoming urban fantasy, The City’s Son, to be published by Jo Fletcher Books.

8:30 pm – Dave Gullen will be reading from his novel The Shopping Trip and also Beyond the Streets We Know.

In Room 134:

3:30 pm – Sarah Townsend will be reading from her forthcoming anthology Soul Screams, to be published by Stumar Press.

4:30 pm – Gary Couzens will be reading from his short stories.

In Room 134:
10:00 am – Julia Knight will be reading from her novel Ten Ruby Trick, published by Carina Press.

In Bar Rogue:
10:30 am – Gaie Sebold will be reading from her forthcoming fantasy novel, Babylon Steel, to be published by Solaris.

11:00 am – Rosanne Rabinowitz will be reading from her forthcoming literary fantasy novella, Helen’s Story, to be published by PS Publishing.

For more details: http://www.fantasycon2011.org/readings.htm

The Vikings are Coming!

Julia Knight’s next novel “A Kindness of Ravens” will be available on the 2nd January 2012 from Carina Press.

Eight years ago, Einar and Wilda witnessed a murder and saved each other from being the next victim.

Today, they have to do it again.

Norseman Einar lives under the threat of the murderer’s rune-cut curse—if he should speak of it his family will die, and so he lives his life as a silent outcast. Until the Saxon girl Wilda comes back into his life, his brother’s new thrall and one who is bound to recognise, and reveal, the murderer. Unable to tell her why she shouldn’t speak of it, Einar has to try to get her away but is bewitched by the fact that Wilda still thinks him the brave youth he’d once been. For Wilda, Einar is a quiet presence she craves, the only man she can trust in a violent new world.

Between them they have to gather the courage to face the murderer head on.”

Patrice Sarath’s “The Unexpected Miss Bennett” to be Published

Congratulations to Patrice Sarath! Her sequel to Pride and Prejudice, entitled The Unexpected Miss Bennet, is to be published by Robert Hale Ltd.  Patrice says, ” If you ever felt that Mary Bennet never got a fair shake, well, this book is for you.”

A brief extract from the book:

It is a comforting belief among much of society, that a plain girl with a small fortune must have no more interest in matrimony than matrimony has in her. Mrs Bennet was not a particularly doting mother, but she did have one object, and that was to see all of her daughters married. She was the most often bemused by Mary, her third daughter of five, and the one with the fewest prospects.

It was not that Mary was plain, exactly, for she was a Bennet, and the Bennet girls were known as the prettiest in their small neighborhood. But she said the most alarming things and was full of dire pronouncements on the base leanings of men, of which men were not eager to hear, and though she applied herself diligently to the piano and singing, she was not as accomplished as many another girl who approached the task with rather more gaiety than determination.

Coming Soon – Julia Knight’s Ten Ruby Trick

Julia Knight‘s latest novel Ten Ruby Trick is coming soon from Carina press.

“Privateer Van Gast thrills in capturing treasure; delights in pulling off elaborate scams; and has an outrageous reputation with the ladies. But there is only one woman for him: fellow privateer Josie—seductive, brave and unpredictable. He’s hoping to make their relationship permanent, until he raids the wrong ship. Now slavers are stalking him, his crew is verging on mutiny and Josie has disappeared.

When she reappears with a new mark wanting Van Gast’s help running the ten ruby trick con, he senses trouble. It seems like Josie has joined up with mage-bound slavers to turn him over to their Master. Van Gast is about to take the biggest risk of all—and find out the true meaning of trust and betrayal.”

Julia Knight aims for second Epic award

Congratulations to Julia Knight, whose fantasy romance novel Love is My Sin has been nominated in the fantasy romance category of the EPIC eBook Awards!

Last year, Julia won that category with her book Ilfayne’s Bane – the prequel to Love Is My Sin. (Both books are published by Samhain Publishing.) Can she make it the double? Fingers crossed for the announcement at EPICon 2011, which will be held in March next year.