Joining the T Party

So you’re interested in joining The T Party? Good call: we’re an accomplished, friendly and supportive group and we’re confident we can help you improve your writing. And we’re always happy to hear from potential new members.

However, we’re also serious about our writing and we expect prospective members to be too. So if you want to join our group, you must satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

a) You have one or more existing paid fiction publishing credits. That means someone’s paid you to write fiction, even if only in copies of the publication. We don’t accept any form of self-publication as satisfying this criterion. But electronic, online and print publications are all equally valid.

b) You have representation for your fiction from a literary agent. Similarly, the agent needs to have a track record of sales or membership of a professional body. If we haven’t heard of them, or we can’t readily check their bona fides, we won’t accept it. (And you should get a different agent.)

c) You can submit an audition piece which will be voted on by the group. If this sounds formidable, then we’re probably not the right group for you: constructive but rigorous critiquing is central to what we do. If you’re nervous, it might help to know that this is how most most of our members originally joined us.

Please bear in mind that we specialise in genre fiction – science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime, romance and erotica, plus experimental work. The readership is assumed to be adults – including young adults, but not children. We’re also unlikely to be helpful to those writing poetry, scripts or screenplays.

New members are not expected to commit themselves before having a chance to decide whether or not they like us (or indeed vice versa – membership is always ultimately at the discretion of the Chair and Committee). Any potential new member will initially be invited to come to two meetings, the first being an opportunity to observe and the second to participate. Assuming all is well at that point, you can pay your dues (they’re small!) and join the group formally as of your third meeting.

If all that sounds good to you – and it’s worth the hassle, honest! – then please contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling.