The following  literary agencies will consider science fiction, fantasy and horror manuscripts for the adult market:

Aitken Alexander Associates

Ampersand Agency (contact: Peter Buckman)

AM Heath (contact: Robert Dinsdale)

Andrew Mann Ltd

Andrew Nurnberg Associates

Antony Harwood Ltd



The Blair Partnership

The Booker Albert Literary Agency – (based in Pennsylvania, USA)

Caroline Sheldon Agency

Carolyn Jenks Agency

Conville & Walsh (contact: Susan Armstrong)

Darley Anderson

David Headley

David Higham Associates

Diamond Kahn & Woods

Ellen Gallagher

Fox Mason Agency

Geraldine Cooke Agency

Greene and Heaton (contact: Judith Murray)

Janklow & Nesbit UK (contact: Will Francis)

John Jarrold

Johnson & Alcock (contact: Ed Wilson. Will only consider genre material that has “mainstream appeal”.)

Ki Agency (contact: Meg Davis)

Kingsford Campbell 

Liza Dawson Associates (contact: Hannah Bowman)

London Independent Books

LBA (Contact: Danielle Zigner)

Madeleine Milburn Agency (Will consider fiction with fantastical elements that can be pitched to a general list.)




Mic  Cheetham Agency

Pollinger Ltd

PFD (contact: Maria Savvides)

Richford Becklow Literary Agency

Rogers, Coleridge and White (contact: Sam Copeland)

Sheil Land Associates

The Agency Group Ltd. (contact: Juliet Mushens)

United Agents (contact: Robert Kirby)

Watson, Little Ltd

Zeno Agency

The following  literary agencies will not consider SF, F and H manuscripts for the adult market:

AP Watt

Curtis Brown

Independent Talent Group

Jonathan Clowes

The Viney Agency

Wade & Doherty

William Morris UK

Resources for Agent Hunting

Click here for notes compiled from the T-Party “Agent Hunting” session at Loncon 2014.

6 thoughts on “Agents

  1. Hi – just a note about some broken links:
    Andrew Mann (entire site)
    Carolyn Jenks (page only – site is still there)
    MBA (page)
    MarJacq (page)
    Makepeace Towle (site)

    Also, some confusion regarding The Booker Albert Literary Agency if this is a list of UK agents – the street address is given on their website as in Pennsylvania!

    • Thank you for the heads-up – I have fixed links where appropriate (Makepeace Towle appear to be no more…I will keep an eye out for information about that)

  2. Robert Dinsdale seems to have left agenting. His website is down, and his Twitter account makes no mention of agenting and links to a new domain.

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