Books for Writers

We are a large and diverse group and always on the look­out for new books about writ­ing. Here are some of our favourites:

Self-Editing for Fic­tion Writ­ers — Browne and King

The Artist’s Way — Julia Cameron

How to Write a Mil­lion — Dibell, Scott Card, and Turco

Writ­ing Down the Bones — Natalie Goldberg

Adven­tures in the Screen Trade — William Goldman

On Writ­ing — Stephen King

Story — Robert McKee

The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval Eng­land — Ian Mortimer

The Ele­ments of Style — Strunk and White

Tech­niques of the Sell­ing Writer — Dwight V. Swain

The Writer’s Jour­ney — Christo­pher Vogler

Wannabe a Writer? — Jane Wen­ham Jones

How Fic­tion works — James Wood