The T Party Local Press Round Up

Sara-Jayne Townsend‘s horror anthology, Soul Screams, gets a write up in the Kingston Guardian this week.

Elsewhere, William Mitchell belatedly owns up to a mention in the Wandsworth Guardian for his Writers of the Future win.

Writers of the Future Follow Up

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, William Mitchell won first place in the Writers of the Future competition for the third quarter of 2011. He has written about his experience here.

The video of the award ceremony keynote speaker, Dr. J. Storrs Hall, can be found here. Will says there’s “pretty fascinating stuff in here for anyone considering near-future SF”.

You can see Will making his acceptance speech and talking about his winning story, Contact Authority, here. (The T Party gets a mention too, hoorah!)

There is a trailer for Writers of the Future Volume #28 which contains Will’s story here, and finally you can hear Contact Authority being read in a podcast from Starship Sofa.

Sit back and enjoy the future!

Will Mitchell Wins Writers of the Future!

Will Mitchell won first place in the Writers of the Future competition for the third quarter of 2011. His story will appear in the WotF anthology for 2011 with the other 11 winners. In addition, he will be jetting off to Los Angeles in April 2012 to claim his prize and participate in the awards ceremony. Congratulations Will!

If you’re inspired by Will’s success, you can read the rules for the contest here. It runs every quarter and is open to “amateur writers” (see the rules for the definition of this). Winners receive considerable cash prizes, entry is free and entrants retain all publication rights, so what have you got to lose?