The T Party has more than 30 full members, as well a number of associates and friends. We don’t have a hard limit on the number of members, or any entry requirements except that would-be members must either have published fiction or be able to demonstrate their aptitude to write work of publishable quality. Some of our bolder members’ biographies are given on this page.

Members in good standing pay a small annual fee towards administrative expenses and regularly critique others’ work. All full members have the right to submit stories to be critiqued, but we expect our members  to give more than they receive. All members, including associates, are eligible to attend our speaker events, social functions and writing retreats. You can read more about types of membership here.

If you’re interested in joining, please read our application guidelines here. They may sound tough, and perhaps they are, but we want good writers and critiquers. And we’re always interested in meeting new people!